Event Planning: Plan & Design All Your Events Online

Events Clique’s 3D Space Designer’s online event planning software will bring your event ideas to life. Take the guesswork out of planning by laying out your event's floor plan with all the finishing touches such as where each table should be located, what color schemes should be used, where the dessert table should go, and more. You can plan and design any type of event:

  • Private Events: Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Graduation Party, Holiday Party, and more
  • Corporate Events: Conference, Trade Show, Holiday Party, Meeting, Awards Banquet, and more
  • Weddings: Wedding Day, Bachelorette Party, Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, and more

Layout the Floor Plan

Start a new floor plan from scratch with your event venue’s dimensions (indoor and outdoor floor plan options are available). Or select from one of our pre-modeled venues' available spaces. Add in details like furniture, centerpieces, and décor in just minutes.

Decorate with Real Products

Experiment with either generic products or our vendor specific products. Easily change dimensions and colors (click on the product in the 2D view) to fit the look of the event you have envisioned.

Create Multiple Design Options

Already created one floor plan, but not sure if it’s exactly what you want for your event? Duplicate your original event design instead of starting over from scratch and then make design changes by moving furniture, swapping out décor, or changing colors. Your original event floor plan and all duplicates will be saved in your account for you to share with family and friends to help you decide on the perfect setup.

Visualize and Share

Visualize the event before it takes place in realistic interactive 360 degree 3D. Want a second opinion? Share your interactive designs with family and friends by email or on Facebook to get feedback while event planning.

Inventory for Vendors

Make event planning a breeze by easily creating an Inventory List of the floor plan with an itemized list of the products for your vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page. The Inventory list generated includes:

  • 2D floor plan of the event so all vendors can see where each piece of furniture and décor should be located
  • An itemized list of all products that are within the floor plan and the quantity of each
  • The Seating Chart with each guests' entrée selection

Create a Seating Chart

Number or name your tables and chairs to create a visual of where each guest is sitting.

  • View the table numbers and where each guest is sitting in 2D and 3D
  • Hide (turn off) table numbers and guest seating assignments from both the 2D and 3D views as needed
  • Easily create a PDF of the floor plan and Seating Chart for easy setup