Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Can I cancel my paid subscription at any time?

Customers that sign up for any level of plan that are paying monthly (billed monthly) can cancel at any time. There is no cancellation fee. Customers that choose an annual payment plan can cancel once their one year of service is up with no cancellation fees.

Do you offer customer service?

Yes, we offer customer service through email for all plans. For Pro and Enterprise users we offer phone support.

Do you offer training so we can learn all the capabilities of the interactive floor plans?

Yes, for all plans we offer our on-demand Help Center so you can easily learn how to use our software (Help Center located here: Help Center). For Pro and Enterprise users we offer one-one-one online training that is done via remote computer screen sharing. Contact us to schedule your training.

3D Event Designer FAQ

What are the System Requirements to use the 3D Event Designer?

3D Event Designer is entirely cloud-based, and works on both Mac and PC computers, as well as, natively on mobile devices (tablets and iPads). Only internet connection is required.

Does the 3D Event Designer work on tablets?

Yes! We are excited to announce that our latest software release makes it easy to create and edit floor plans on tablets. No download or app is required. Simply open your web browser, login to your 3D Event Designer account and begin creating!

Do your products/items have color overrides?

Yes, almost all of our items have color overrides. To change the color of an item follow these steps:

  1. Drag an item into your workspace
  2. Click on the item
  3. The Item Properties window will appear on the right
  4. Click on the color icon for the part of the item you wish to change and select the new color

How do I add my venue in Ultra High Definition or my products/items to the 3D Event Designer?

Contact us to get a custom quote for getting your venue modeled in Ultra High definition and/or your items/products for inclusion in the 3D Event Designer. For each venue space and each item there is a one time fee to get them modeled in 3D and included in the 3D Event Designer.

When you make updates to the 3D Event Designer, such as adding new features and new products/items, do I have to pay to receive the new updates?

No, all updates are free. As this is a cloud-based software, all updates are done on our end.