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Boost your potential tenant’s confidence in their space selection with Events Clique's 3D work and office space planning software - create and share rich, realistic 2D and 3D space plan visuals. Better understand a potential tenant’s vision to engage them and close a deal faster.

  • Engage potential tenants by enabling them to view your available spaces with their setup, as if it were their own
  • Reduce architectural fees by empowering potential tenants to make preliminary space plan design changes themselves (move walls, change wall paint colors, and more) from anywhere Internet access is available
  • Reduce the number of revisits to the vacant space (from 3, 5, 8, 15, you name it) to just one – the initial visit, saving everyone’s time!
  • Save TI costs by enabling a new tenant to plan out their setup with their furniture to determine the best locations for electrical, data, and phone outlets
  • Accelerate a broker’s commission and begin rental revenue cash flow earlier by shortening the leasing process
  • Embed available space layouts on your website for marketing or potential tenant review
  • Email floor plans and suggest setups to potential tenants for review and make design changes in real-time
  • No prior CAD or software experience necessary

*Must have Flash installed to use the 3D Event Designer; images can be viewed on non-Flash and mobile devices.

Events Clique's 3D Event Designer works for all types of real estate from commercial to industrial, residential, and retail - all spaces are modeled to scale and new products can be added as needed.

Tenants, see how you can use the 3D Event Designer to layout your spaces: Space planning for tenants »

Showcase Available Spaces to Potential Tenants

Enable clients to select one of your available spaces’ floor plans and add in furniture, A/V equipment, and decor in just minutes. Try 3D Event Designer »

Reduce Architectural Fees with Interactive Floor Plans

Allow clients to do preliminary space plan changes themselves. Easily move, resize, or remove a wall, add in doors, or change wall colors to fit the look of the work space your potential client has envisioned.

Visualize and Share the Floor Plan

Allow your clients to visualize the available work space in interactive 360 degree 3D. Email them the interactive floor plan, send them directly to, or share the floor plan with them on Facebook or on your website.


Easily enable your potential tenants to save and download the move-in day floor plan. (2D floor plan view, inventory and quantity of all furniture).

Embed 3D Event Designer powered by Events Clique on Your Website

Already have potential tenants visiting your website to view your available spaces? Want to keep those potential tenants on your site longer and engaged more deeply? Embed the floor plans of your available spaces on your website for a powerful user experience.