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The easiest way for your clients to communicate what they want.

Boost your clients’ confidence in their wedding planning choices with Events Clique 3D Event Designer - create and share rich, realistic 2D and 3D wedding ceremony and reception visuals. Better understand each other’s vision and help your clients make faster, more-informed decisions.

  • Empower your clients to express their wedding design vision
  • Work together to update designs and finalize the setup faster
  • Embed wedding designs and layouts on your website for marketing or review
  • Email floor plans and designs to clients for review and make design changes in real-time
  • No prior CAD or software experience necessary

*Must have Flash installed to use the 3D Event Designer; images can be viewed on non-Flash and mobile devices

Create Interactive Floor Plans

Create an interactive wedding ceremony or reception floor plan by inputting the dimensions of your client's event space or selecting one of our pre-modeled Venues or templates. Then add tables, chairs, place settings, and décor in just minutes.

Real Products & Colors

Design with either generic products or our vendor specific products. Easily change dimensions and colors of each item to fit the look of the event your client has envisioned.

Create Multiple Setups

Already created one reception floor plan, but want to give your client more options? Duplicate your original reception floor plan, then make changes by moving, changing, or replacing items.

Create a Seating Chart

Add table numbers, guest names, and entrée selections.

Share with Clients

Allow your clients to visualize the wedding you have designed for them in realistic interactive 360 degree 3D before it takes place. Either email them the interactive design or share the design with them on Facebook.


Save and download the Inventory (2D view, inventory and quantity, and seating chart) and send to all vendors to ensure seamless event execution.

Embed Floor Plans on Your Website

Easily embed floor plans on your website to win new clients.